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Aug. 23 - Aug 29

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·Aug 23, 2021·

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Scientific papers

This week in my reading activity, I focus on the GEDI-related papers.

GEDI paper

Schneider, F. D., Ferraz, A., Hancock, S., Duncanson, L. I., Dubayah, R. O., Pavlick, R. P., & Schimel, D. S. (2020). Towards mapping the diversity of canopy structure from space with GEDI. Environmental Research Letters, 15(11), 115006.

This paper tries to capture the vegetation diversity patterns from space using GEDI. Most of the papers that came out before 2021 uses simulated GEDI data as a data source. It is different from the post-launch GEDI dataset that I am using now.

GEDI paper 2

Guerra-Hernández, J., & Pascual, A. (2021). Using GEDI lidar data and airborne laser scanning to assess height growth dynamics in fast-growing species: A showcase in Spain. Forest Ecosystems, 8(1), 14.

Interesting articles

I keep on reading IPCC PRM and technical summary.

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