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StoreLoc project introduction

Visualizing store locations in Japan with Flask+AWS+PostGIS

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Shingo Obata
·May 30, 2021·

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StoreLoc project introduction

Overview of the project

This is the new post for my new study project. In this project, I create a Flask-based web app that provides a Spatio-temporal trend of the store opening and closure in Japan. The app enables the users to visually acquire the following information. I note that some of the features have not been implemented.

  • The list of the stores that were opened/closed since 2018. The features included for each store are, (a) date, (b) address, (c) name of the store.
  • The maps show the locations of the stores.
  • Search function that enables the user to acquire the list of stores within a specific Spatio-temporal boundary.
  • Search the time series trend of the open/closure in an area that the user specified.
  • Show the trend of the store open/closure by store categories.


So far, only a Japanese version has been developed for this app.

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